About me

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I dream colors – I feel the shape – I transfer color and shape

As an artist I have the prerequisites, to express with the brush, in color and shape, that which is in my subconscious mind.
A direct record of my inner self.
I follow my intuition, the dictates of the color, and experience thereby the moment of transformation.
Often out of half awareness directly to the medium, expressed in a picture.

I chose the abstract and free form of painting consciously, partly to show the viewer new ways of perception.
However for the most part, to separate myself from the speciousness of form.
I try to reach the truth, the kernel, the energy and also the feelings of things.
Avoiding distinct pictures, by allowing color and form to play the main role, enables direct communication between picture and viewer.
Calling for discovery of the self, to feel, to experience.
This is my deep intention and inner drive.

I choose acrylic paints, whose luminosity and sheer richness of variation are a constant source of inspiration.
I love to mix pigments with acrylic pastes – pure lust of creativity.
More classically, I use canvas or acrylic and watercolor carton, experimenting also with modern mediums like LANAVANGUARD universal medium out of 100% Polypropylene.
This allows me completely new ways of expression.

For inquiries about purchasing work, please contact   info@olympia-art.com


Born in 1968 in Upper Schlesien, moved with my family to Dortmund, where I haved lived and worked since then.

1989 Birth of my daughter

Profession: Book keeping

2007 Began free painting auto didactically

Since 2010 intensive auto didactic study of free and abstract painting